Ancestors of Julia Mina Pennington


36. John Price

John may have been a son of Dennis Price and Dorothy Moore and a grandson of Benjamin Price. See message of 16 Feb. 2009 from George Littlechild Price.

38. George Webb

Amos, M. Frederick; Gerald Keith; Myrtle K. Perry. "The Descendants of Edmund
and Jane (WEBB) PRICE". 1976.
p. 1: George WEBB's probate records dated 18 Feb 1761 and 6 Aug 1763.
Will probated 21 Jan 1753 names his wife Jerusha, son John and
daughters Elizabeth, Jane, Phebe and Deborah.

39. Jerusha Wickham

BIRTH: LDS IGI; 1600-1910; 1993 CD-ROM edn, North America, Batch #9015702, p 28; FHL film #1553671.

43. Anna Catharina Hauser

BIRTH-DEATH: Esther Clark Wright, "Pioneer Families of New Brunswick: Slipp"; 1748-1869; SAINT JOHN TELEGRAPH-JOURNAL, Saint John, N.B., Sept. 16, 1943; ; Vertical file, Archives & Special Collections, Harriet Irving Library, Univ. of N.B., Fredericton, N.B.; Rick Crume's file #P 445.

BURIAL: Interview with George Slipp, Hampstead, NB; 1812; conducted by Rick Crume, 7 May 1993, in Hampstead, NB; ; Rick Crume's file #P 434.

44. Robert Merritt

( - ) Rye, Westchester Co, NY.
( - ) Hampstead, Long Island, NY.
( - ) Shelbourne, Nova Scotia.

BIRTH-DEATH-BIOGRAPHY: LOYALIST FAMILIES OF THE GRAND RIVER BRANCH, U.E.L. [ONTARIO]; 1662-1991; ; p 387; In poss of Murray S Thomson, Saint John West, NB; Rick Crume's file #P 432.

Ref: P 153, P 169, P 184

45. Elizabeth Robinson

Ref: P 169

46. Thomas Peters

Ref: P 153, P 169

NAME: middle name Horsfield?; Ref: P 199

BIRTH: VA?; Ref: P 199

PROBATE: Will dated 25 Oct 1806 Fredericton, York, NB; Ref: P 306

BURIAL: Old Burying Grounds, Fredericton, York, NB; Ref: P 306

47. Susannah Palmer

Ref: P 169

PROBATE: Will dated 1 Dec 1828 Fredericton, York, NB; Ref: P 306

BURIAL: Old Burying Grounds, Fredericton, York, NB; Ref: P 306

48. Charles Jones

(1735- )
(1766-1776) near Moncton, Westmorland, NB

BIRTH-DEATH: Letter from Joe H. Harper, Islington, ON, to Rick Crume, Glyndon, MN; 1735-1880; Letter dtd 3 Mar 1989; ; Rick Crume's file #P 168; NOTE: died near Moncton.

BIRTH-DEATH-BIOGRAPHY: Judith Steeves, Jones family history; 1735-1902; Information copied from Lutz and Steeves family files at Lutz Meeting House, Moncton, New Brunswick; with letter of 1 Aug 1989 from Judi Steeves, Riverview, N.B., to Rick Crume, Glyndon, MN; ; Rick Crume's file #P 157.

BIRTH-DEATH: Letter from Fred Bartlett, Fredericton, N.B., to Rick Crume, Glyndon, MN; 1735-1901; Letter dtd 24 Apr 1991; ; Rick Crume's file #P 292.

BIRTH-DEATH: Letter from Lee Marriott, Regina, SK, to Rick Crume, Glyndon, MN; 1735-1887; Letter dtd 10 Jan 1992; ; Rick Crume's file #P 319.

BIOGRAPHY: J E Humphreys, "Some account of early settlers on the Pollet River, Salisbury Parish, West.[morland] Co., N.B."; 1765-1933; manuscript collection #1; Jones #6; Provincial Archives of N.B., Fredericton; Rick Crume's file #P 452; NOTE: "[Karl Jones] came from Pennsylvania in 1765 with several other families of German descent, all of whom settled along the Petitcodiac River, between the present village of Hillsborough, to some distance above where Moncton City now stands. The Jones family settled on the north bank of the Petitcodiac above Moncton... When the ancestors of this family came from Pennsylvania to the Petitcodiac in 1765, the family name was spelled Johns."

LAND: Esther Clark Wright, SAMPHIRE GREENS: THE STORY OF THE STEEVES; 1765-1767; (Rick Crume's file #P 175); pp 95-98; NOTE: Gives complete text of agreement reached in Philadelphia in 1766 between John Hughes (a merchant of Philadelphia) and ten men including Charles Jones. Hughes agreed to lay out a town on the Petitcodiac River in Nova Scotia (now New Brunswick) and each of the ten would get a lot of 40 X 225 feet and 200 acres of land in return for five pounds Pennsylvania currency. Pages 3-12 describe the signing of the agreement and the voyage to New Brunswick.

49. Margretha Lintz

MARRIAGE: Letter from Joe H. Harper, Islington, ON, to Rick Crume, Glyndon, MN; 1735-1880; Letter dtd 3 Mar 1989; ; Rick Crume's file #P 168.

52. Thomas Corey

BIRTH: Portsmouth, Newport, RI (or) East Greenwich, Kent, RI?; Ref: P 156

RELIGION: Quaker; Ref: P 156

53. Elizabeth Drake

Ref: P 156

54. Elisha Clarke

( - ) North Kingstown, Washington Co, RI (or) CT; (Rick Crume's file
#P 156).
( - ) Cornwallis, , NS.
(abt 1779-1784) Gagetown, Queens Co, NB.
(1784- ) New Canaan, Queens Co, NB.

NAME: Also spelled Clark.

BIRTH: Prob. at North Kingstown, Washington Co, RI; (Rick Crume's file #P 156).

LAND: Grantee at Newport, Hants, Nova Scotia, 1761, but may never have lived there; (Rick Crume's file #P 156).

CENSUS: 1782 RI; (Rick Crume's file #P 156).

(Rick Crume's file #P 281 pp. 5, 24, 25).

GEDWRAP suggests checking notes for hanging indents.

55. Desire Gardiner

Ref: P 156

NAME: also spelled GARDNER

..Ref: P 281 pp. 5-6, 25

56. John Pugsley

BIRTH: Donald Pugsley & Hugh Critchley, Pugsley family history (manuscript); 1089-1926; ; ; Rick Crume's file #P 330 p 5; NOTE: Information from a memo prepared by W G Pugsley, K C, concerning John and Mary Pugsley who settled at French Village, Hammond River, Kings Co, NB. In 1925 W G Pugsley copied family information from an old family bible in poss of Mrs Cornelia Pugsley Shaw at the Peabody Home, New York.

BIOGRAPHY: Will of John Pugsley; 1768; dtd 20 Dec 1768, Book 26; p 482 or 570; on file in Westchester Co, NY? (Rick Crume's file #G 73, P 107, P 148, P 330); NOTE: The codicil to his father's will says, "My said son John has for this long time past led a dissolute and idle life and has made a very bad use of that I have heretofore given him."

57. Elisabeth Mullineux

Ref: P 144

BIRTH: Pugsley family bible; Ref: P 330

58. Benjamin Archer

RESIDENCE: Fordham Manor, NY; Bolton, Robert; A history of the county of Westchester, from its first settlement to the present time; vol. 2; p. 500; FHL film 0874495; Ref: P 377

60. Joseph Sherwood

(1688- )
( -1751) Rye, Westchester Co, NY.
( -1771- ) Courtland Manor Co, NY.

Sold land in Rye, Westchester, NY in 1751. Ref: G 236

LAND-RESIDENCES: Sherwood genealogy, donated by Gordon McLean; 1586-1889; undated manuscript; p 2; Provincial Archives of New Brunswick, Fredericton, manuscript collection 1 - Sherwood 1; Rick Crume's file #P 450.