Ancestors of Thomas William Morgan


46. Thomas Phillips

1Church in Wales. Archdeaconry of Brecon. Consistory Court, Will of Thomas Phillips, Family History Library, 35 N West Temple Street, Salt Lake City, UT 84150 USA, film 104,433.
Rick Crume's file M 1026.
"... I Thomas Phillips of Brynsyviog in the county of Radnor... Do make and declare this my last Will and Testament... And my Body I commit to this Earth to be Buried in a mean form by the discretion of my son Thomas without any mourning nor Gloves... I do order Give and Dispose the same in manner and form following... Whereas I have made a deed of Settlement on the Messuage or Tenement of Lands called Brynsiviog Between me and my now wife Ann and in that Deed of Settlement there is A provition [sic] made for my said wife Ann and for the younger children that will be between us And I have call [sic] myself to account and I do see that sum too Little for them according to my Effects But I shall herein Invest A further Legacy on them And as touching and concerning that other Tenement of Lands Called Y'wornoley [?] I do give Devise and bequeath unto my said son Thomas Phillips upon Condition that he the said son Thomas Phillips shall pay the several Legacies to my younger Children which will be herein after mentioned and bequeathed To have and To Hold all and singular the said Tenement Lands and premises with the appurtenances unto my said wife Ann during the Minority of my said son Thomas Phillips... I also give and bequeath unto my Eldest Daughters Ann and Alice the sum of fifty Pounds of Good and Lawfull money of Great Britain... unto my Daughter Elizabeth the sum of twenty five pounds... my youngest son John the sum of Twenty Pounds... unto my said son John the sum of five pounds... unto my said Eldest son Thomas Phillips All the said Messuage Tenement Lands and premisses... unto my Eldest son Thomas one furnass that is in the Bahs house one clock that is in the Hall one long Table board one wrighting [sic] desk one little desk one barrell one of my best feather bed & bolster... Except the Curtains all the Standards and bedsteads to be left in the dwelling House for him after his Mothers days or the day of her Marriage... Also I give and bequeath unto my son Thomas all the rest of my Goods Chattels all sort of Cattles and Oxon Cows Young Cattle of all sort and Horses of all sort Pids sheep of all sorts and all Corn in the field in the Barns & in the House All my [ __?] of Husbandry of all sorts and personall Estate whatsoever... I do hereby Nominate and appoint my loving wife Ann and my loving son Thomas to be Joint Executors of this my said last Will and Testament... I the said Thomas Phillips the Testator have hereunto [set] my hand and seal the Twenty sixth day of Aprill... in the year of our Lord God one thousand seven hundred six[ty] and four. Thos. Phillips... in the sight and presence of me the said Thomas Phillips, Elizabeth Thomas, Charles Adams, Evan Powell ffebruary the 5th 176[4]."