Ancestors of Lura May Alvira Hall


2. Jonathan Hall

(1811- ) Chenango Co., NY.
(-1839-1847-) South Bristol, Ontario Co., NY.
(abt. 1849-1860-) Cuba, Allegany Co., NY.
(-1865- ) Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co, PA.
(-1866- ) Le Sueur, Le Sueur Co, MN.
( -1868-1870- ) Wells Twp, Rice Co, MN.
(1873-1874) Warsaw Twp, Rice Co, MN (Rick Crume's file #H 276).
(1874-1875) Morristown Twp, Rice Co, MN.

NAME: Jonathan, Johnathan, Jonithan or John.

OCCUPATION: Episcopal evangelist, farmer, matchmaker.

CENSUS: 1840 U.S. Census, Town of South Bristol, Ontario Co., NY; 1840; ; p. 253; Film M704-320 (Rick Crume's file #H 756); NOTE: Males: 2 (under 5), 1 (20-30). Females: 1 (20-30)

CENSUS: 1850 U.S. Census, Cuba, Allegany Co., NY; 1850; Film M432-476; p. 250; (Rick Crume's file #H 622); NOTE: Jonathan Hall, age 40, occupation - Matches, b. NY. Nextdoor to William Nash family.

CENSUS: 1855 N.Y. State Census, Cuba, Allegany Co., NY; 1855; ; p. 24, dwelling 183 (frame, value $30), family 133; FHL film 501,952 (Rick Crume's file #H 698); NOTE: Jonathan Hall, age 42, born Chenango Co., NY, married, 6 yrs. resident in this town, occupation: (Labor, matchmaker?). Marriages on p. 73, line 16, husband 42, widowed, and wife, 23, widowed, married in May. This must be Jonathan Hall and wife Sarah.

CENSUS: 1860 U.S. Census, Cuba (P.O. Cuba), Allegany Co., NY; 1860; Microfilm M653-718; p. 783, family #424; (Rick Crume's file #H 623); NOTE: Johnathan Hall, age 51, Farmer, value of real estate: $5,000, personal estate: $200.

CHURCH: Obituary of A J Hall, PINE COUNTY COURIER, Sandstone, MN; 1936; dtd 17 Sep 1936; p 1, col 1; MN Hist Soc, St Paul (Rick Crume's file #H 57); NOTE: "Andrew Johnson Hall was born August 6, 1866, at Le Sueur, Minnesota. He was a son of Rev. Jonathan Hall, a Methodist Evangelist, and Mrs. Laura Hall. He was orphaned at an early age and made his home with Mr and Mrs Hitchcock of Morrison." Jonathan's wife and children were baptized in the Protestant Episcopal Church, not the Methodist Episcopal Church, so it seems more likely he was an Episcopal evangelist than a Methodist one.

RESIDENCES: Wells Twp, Rice Co, MN assessment rolls; 1868; ; ; MN Historical Soc, St Paul (Rick Crume's file #H 064); NOTE: Johnathan Hall, School Dist #1, personal property - 2 cattle (worth $110), 1 watch (worth $60), other (worth $50), total value, $220).

CENSUS: 1870 US Census, Wells Twp (P.O. Warsaw), Rice Co, MN; 1870; p 598; dwelling 13, family 13; Public Library, Moorhead, MN (Rick Crume's file #H 23); Johnathan Hall, 57.

CENSUS: 1870 US Census (agricultural schedule), Wells Twp, Rice Co, MN; 1870; ; pp 781-782, line 13; Ylvisaker Library, Concordia College, Moorhead, MN (Rick Crume's file # H 23); NOTE: "Hall, Johnithan: land: 50 acres improved, 90 unimproved; cash value of farm: $3,000; 1 horse, 1 milch cow, 2 swine; value of all livestock: $150; produce during the year ending 1 June 1870: spring wheat, 25 bushels; Indian corn, 200 bushels; oats, 100 bushels; buckwheat, 20 bushels; butter, 50 lbs.; hay, 5 tons; value of animals slaughtered or sold for slaughter, $40.

OCCUPATION-PHYSICAL: "Matches," THE FARIBAULT REPUBLICAN, Faribault, MN; 1872; dtd 6 Nov 1872; p 3; MN Hist Soc, St Paul, MN (Rick Crume's file #H 685); NOTE: "Mr. J. Hall has commenced the manufacture of friction matches in our city. From a trial of some that he has left with us, we are convinced that they are a good article. They are split straight with the grain of the wood and do not break like the cut matches. They are put up in tarred paper boxes that protect them from dampness. Mr. Hall has been blind, but has recently partially regained his eyesight, and has taken up the manufacture of matches, which he formerly pursued. We trust he may be successful, and that our citizens will patronize home manufactures."

LAND: Deed of sale, Abidan & Mary E Bailey to Johnathan Hall; 1873; Rice Co, MN deed book 28; p 261; FHL film 1,404,922 (Rick Crume's file #H 276); NOTE: Johnathan Hall paid $100 for the north 10 acres of NE 1/4 of NW 1/4 of Sect 5 of Twp 109 N, Range 21 W (Warsaw Twp), purchased from Abidan & Mary E Bailey on 24 Sep 1873.

LAND: Deed of sale, William S & Matilda Crawford to Jonithan Hall; 1874; Rice Co, MN deed book 30; p 297; FHL film 1,404,923 (Rick Crume's file #H 276); NOTE: Jonithan Hall paid $100 for six acres in Morristown Twp purchased from William S and Matilda Crawford on 6 Aug 1874.

DEATH: Death record of John Hall; 1875; Rice Co, MN Register of Deaths; Entry #646; Rice County Courthouse, Faribault, MN (Rick Crume's file #H 22); NOTE: John Hall, white male, married, aged 60, died 25 Mar 1875 [should be 10 Mar 1875], Morristown, MN, cause of death - fever, occupation - matchmaker.

DEATH: "Morristown news, 23 Mar 1875"; 1875; THE REPUBLICAN, Faribault, MN; dtd 24 Mar 1875; p 3, col 5; MN History Center, St Paul (Rick Crume's file #H 237).

PROBATE-DEATH: Probate record for Jonathan Hall; 1875; Rice County Court, Faribault, MN, book B; p 68; (Rick Crume's file #H 18, H 64); NOTE: Jonathan Hall died 10 Mar 1875, town of Morristown, Rice Co, MN. Laura Hall, widow and administratrix. Real estate: south 6 acres of west 1/4 of SW 1/4 of NE 1/4 of section 15, town 109, range 22 [Morristown Twp].

- - -

While I (Rick Crume) haven’t found any record that explicitly confirms the relationship, I have concluded that Jonathan Hall (abt. 1811-1875) was probably a son of Sealand Hall (1783-1822). I have mostly circumstantial evidence:

1. According to the 1855 census, Jonathan Hall was born in about 1813 in Chenango County, New York. I have pretty much ruled out all the other Halls listed in the 1810 and 1820 censuses of Chenango County as Jonathan’s father.

2. Sealand Hall is listed in the 1820 census of Guilford, Chenango County, New York. Jonathan Hall’s third wife, Laura Ursula M. Hoag, was a daughter of Ezekiel J. Hoag (1800-?) who was a resident of New Berlin, Chenango County, New York, when he (Ezekiel) was married in 1823. Ezekiel’s father Daniel H. Hoag (1772-1848) lived in Guilford between 1820 and 1831.

3. Sealand Hall named a daughter after his mother Jerusha and could have named a son after his father Jonathan.

4. Jonathan Hall (abt. 1811-1875) lived in South Bristol and Canandaigua, Ontario County, New York, between 1839 and 1847. Maybe he went there because he had relatives there.

Sealand Hall’s half-sister Rebecca Hall (1775-1833) married Selma Hotchkiss (1772-1838) who is listed in the 1820 and 1830 censuses of Canandaigua, Ontario County, New York. Selma Hotchkiss is listed in the 1820 census on the same page as Zebina Lucas. Jonathan Crooker and Alvah Wood are on the previous page.

The U.S. Serial Set on HeritageQuest Online shows this petition dated 1834 (Citizens of Ontario county, New York, for restoring deposits to Bank U.S., SERIAL-SET-ID: 241 S.doc.306: Mar 24, 1834, 33 pgs.):

Page 2: Zebina Lucas, Thomas Covel, Arza M. Wood, Isaac Wood, Richard Covel, Almond Doolittle
Page 3: Samuel Crooker, James Carr, Benj. Lucas

Jonathan Hall’s first wife Caroline M. Carr may have been a daughter of James Carr.

Chattell mortgages for horses in Ontario County in 1843 involving Jonathan Hall and Jane Lucas are witnessed by Zebina Lucas.

In the 1840 census of South Bristol, Jonathan Hall is listed next door to Richard Covel and very close to Anza M. Wood and Franklin Crooker.

5. Jonathan Hall (abt. 1811-1875) lived at Cuba, Allegany County, New York, between about 1849 and 1860. Sealand Hall’s son George Hall (1804-1856) lived not far away in Amity, Allegany County, New York, between 1841 and 1856. Sealand’s widow (George’s mother) was living in George’s household in 1850. George’s daughter Mariette Hall is listed in the 1860 census of Cuba.

3. Laura Ursula M Hoag

(1843-1854) Keating Twp, McKean Co, PA.
(1854-1864-) PA.
( -1865- ) Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co, PA.
( -1866- ) LeSueur, LeSueur Co, MN.
(1868-1870-) Wells Twp (near Morristown & Warsaw), Rice Co, MN.
(-1880-1884) Erin Twp (near Shieldsville), Rice Co, MN.

NAME: Death record of Michael Edward Clark; 1905; ; ; Rice Co Recorder, Faribault, MN; NOTE: Her son's death record gives her name as Lorotta Hall; Rick Crume's file #H 168.

CENSUS: 1850 Keating Twp, McKean Co, PA; 1850; p 8A; dwelling 111, family 100; FHL; Rick Crume's file #H 069.

BIOGRAPHY: Letter from Asa F. Bratsch, Mpls, MN, dtd 20 Dec 1990; 1866-1884; ; ; ; NOTE: Laura's son Frank Hall Magee would tell of going with his mother to take meals to Jesse James' younger brothers Cole, Bob and Jim who were jailed in Faribault, Rice Co, MN; Rick Crume's file #H 302.

CHRISTENING: Christening records; 1869; The Cathedral of Our Merciful Saviour (Episcopal), Faribault, Rice Co, MN; ; Rick Crume's file #H 240.

CENSUS: 1870 US Census, Wells Twp (P.O. Warsaw), Rice Co, MN; 1870; p 598; dwelling 13, family 13; Public Library, Moorhead, MN; Rick Crume's file #H 023.

CONFIRMATION: Confirmation records; 1872; The Cathedral of Our Merciful Saviour (Episcopal), Faribault, Rice Co, MN; ; ; NOTE: Laura Ursula Hall was confirmed on 26 May 1872; Rick Crume's file #H 240.

BIOGRAPHY: Morristown, MN news, 23 Mar 1875, THE REPUBLICAN, Faribault, MN; 1873-1876; 24 Mar. 1875; p 3, col 5; MN History Ctr, St Paul; NOTE: "A house situated on the north side of the river, about a fourth of a mile from the village, and occupied by a widow Hall, was burned last week. The misfortune followed close upon the death of the husband, which occurred but a week before, and the blow was the more crushing, Mrs. Hall being in poor circumstances. The fire caught the roof from the stove pipe, while the woman was ironing. The house was of logs, and was owned by Curtis Ward." Rick Crume's file # H 237.

CHRISTENING: Ronald Eustice, ST. PATRICK'S CATHOLIC CHURCH, SHIELDSVILLE, RICE COUNTY, MINNESOTA; 1861-1906; baptismal and marriage records photocopied by Ronald Eustice, St. Paul, MN; vol. 1, p. 86; call no. MN R-5 004 St. v. 1, Minnesota Genealogical Society Library, St. Paul, MN; Rick Crume's file no. H 450; NOTE: Written in Latin. Record no. 11: baptism on 23 March 1880 of "(Laura) Ursula Hoag", wife of Bernard Clark, sponsors were Ellen (recorded as Helena) Meehan and C. [?].

BIOGRAPHY: Local news in LE SUEUR COUNTY NEWS, Le Sueur, MN; 1882; ; Wed, 30 Aug 1882, p 4, col 4; MN History Ctr, St Paul; NOTE: "Mrs. Hoag has gone to visit her daughter near Shieldsville, Wis." The daughter must have been Laura Ursula M. (Hoag) (Hall) Clark; Rick Crume's file #H 184.

BIOGRAPHY: Local news in LE SUEUR COUNTY NEWS, Le Sueur, MN; 1882; ; Wed 6 Sept 1882, p 4, col 4; MN History Ctr, St Paul; NOTE: "Mrs. Hoag is visiting her daughter near Shieldsville, Minn., instead of Wis." The daughter must have been Laura Ursula M. (Hoag) (Hall) Clark; Rick Crume's file #H 184.

DEATH: Rice Co, MN register of deaths; 1884; ; ; Rice Co Courthouse, Faribault, MN; NOTE: Recorded as Dora Clark, died 29 Dec 1884, age 37, married, died Erin Twp; Rick Crume's file #H 168.

DEATH: Mary L. Hagerty, MEET SHIELDSVILLE. THE STORY OF ST. PATRICK'S PARISH, SHIELDSVILLE, [RICE CO.,] MINNESOTA; 1850-1940; publ 1940; pp 87-88; Rice Co Genealogical Soc, Faribault, MN (Rick Crume's file #H 171); NOTE: "Mrs Barnie Clark died in 1885."

BURIAL: Probably St Patrick's Cemetery (Catholic), Shieldsville, Rice Co, MN; Rick Crume's file #H 168.

UPDATE: 1995-12-05