Ancestors of Alva Anson Grant


20. Thomas White

(abt 1737-) NJ?
( - ) NY.
(-1798-1816) St. Mary's Parish, York Co., NB.

BIRTH-DEATH-MILITARY-LAND: Elton Philip Kelley, GENEALOGICAL HISTORY OF JEREMIAH KELLEY OF WESTON, MAINE AND ALLIED FAMILIES; 1737-1872; publ 1987; pp 174-177; (Rick Crume's file #G 228, G 477).

MARRIAGE: NEW YORK GENEALOGICAL AND BIOGRAPHICAL RECORD; 1761; vol unknown; pp unknown; (Rick Crume's file #G 227, G 296, G 477).

MARRIAGE: LDS IGI; 1600-1910; 1993 CD-ROM edn, North America, Batch #7028923, p 77; FHL film #538663.

MILITARY: Clark, LOYALISTS OF THE SOUTHERN CAMPAIGN; ; vol 3; p 393; (Rick Crume's file #G 296); NOTE: Thomas White appears in various muster rolls of the NY Volunteers. William White with a wife and three children were among those bound for Nova Scotia.

RESIDENCES: The Saint John Branch, N.B.G.S., GENERATIONS 10: A COLLECTION OF THE FIRST TEN ISSUES OF THE NEWSLETTER OF THE NEW BRUNSWICK GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY; 1783; Saint John, N.B., 1989; p 13; Bk in poss of Rick Crume; NOTE: Statement of accounts of lumber purchased for the use of royal refugees settling on the River St. John and its branches, includes Thomas White, 8 Aug 1783 and 14 Aug 1783.

RESIDENCES: D G Bell, EARLY LOYALIST SAINT JOHN; 1784; ; p 253; (Rick Crume's file #G 228, G 296, G 477); NOTE: Thomas White of the Spring Fleet at New York had a household consisting of one adult male, one adult female, three children over age ten, one child under age ten and a servant. In May 1784 the only change in the family status at Saint John was the loss of the servant.

MILITARY-LAND: Capt. Frederick de Peyster, "Roll of the Present State of the late N. Y. Volunteers who have obtained land on the Madam Keswick [Keswick River]"; 1784; ; ; (Rick Crume's file #G 296, G 490); NOTE: His list dtd Sept. 1784 includes Cpl. Thomas White, wife, 6 children, lot 6, 550 acres. When the actual land grant was made to the men of the New York Volunteers on 20 Feb 1787, the lot numbers had changed, probably due to a government survey: Thomas White, lot 8. The Thomas White who was granted land on 20 Feb 1787 in Queensbury, York Co, NB was a different Thomas White. (Rick Crume's file #G 477, also G 56, 228).

LAND: William White & wife Elizabeth of Queensbury, York Co, NB to Thomas White of St Mary, York Co, NB; 1798; RS98 York Co, NB Registry Office Records, Vol C; pp 113-114; (Rick Crume's file #G 490); NOTE: Dtd 10 Mar 1798. 200 acres in Saint Mary's Parish granted 30 June 1787 to the New York Volunteers as Number Ten.

PROBATE: R Wallace Hale, EARLY NEW BRUNSWICK PROBATE RECORDS 1785-1835; 1785-1835; Bowie, MD, Heritage Books, 1989; p 484; Bk in poss of Rick Crume (Rick Crume's file #G 55, G 228, G 296, G 477); NOTE: White, Thomas. Parish of Saint Mary's, York Co., Farmer. Will dated 14 May 1816, proved 21 June 1816. Son William White 20 shillings. Wife Dorotha [sic] Lot 8 and furniture. Son Thomas White Lot 8 on wife's decease. Sons Isaac and Jacob White each 5 shillings. Daughter Sarah Crane 5 shillings. Granddaughter Mary White my loom. Son Thomas White sole executor. Witnesses: John Yerxa, Catharine Yerxa, Fanna Yerxa.

26. Edmund Price

( - ) Wales.
( -1757- ) NY.
(1767-abt 1780) Gagetown, Queens Co, NB.
(abt 1780-1785/1786) West bank of St. John River between Evandale and Oak
Point in an area called "The Mistake", Kings Co, NB.

PARENTS-SIBLINGS: Letter from Gerald Keith (a descendant of Edmund Price's son, George Webb Price [1761-1845]), Saint John West, NB, to Ricky Crume, Glyndon, MN; 1750-1864; Letter dtd 4 Dec 1978; pp 1-2; (Rick Crume's file # P 070); NOTE: Edmund Price may have been a son of Dennys Prys who lived at Second River, NJ. Dennys/Dennis' wife was Dalla/Dorothy Moore. Edmund may have had a sister Mary in NY and a brother, James.

BIRTH: Annis Skidmore (Brown) Forman (1798-1876), historical sketch of her family; 1750-1875; written in 1875; ; (Rick Crume's file #P 030); NOTE: Annis was a granddaughter of Edmund Price.

MARRIAGE: Letter from Gerald Keith, Saint John West, NB, to Vacil Kalinoff, Stillwater, MN, cc to Ricky Crume, Glyndon, MN; 1757-1976; Letter dtd 12 Aug 1976; p 3; (Rick Crume's file #P 018); NOTE: Marriage record issued in NJ for Edward Price, baker of NY, married 14 Jun 1757 to Jane Webb, daughter of George and Jerusha Webb of Woodbridge, NJ.

LAND-MILITARY-BIOGRAPHY-PROBATE: M Frederick Amos, Gerald Keith & Myrtle K Perry, THE DESCENDANTS OF EDMUND AND JANE (WEBB) PRICE; 1744-1976; [Saint John, NB?], 1976; pp 1-6; copy in poss of Rick Crume; NOTE:
p. 1: "In a petition to the New Brunswick government dated 13 Mar 1815 (Kings
County No. 1037) his widow Jane, then Mrs. Henry Kitchen, stated that
Edmund "served His Majesty as an ensign in the old French War", which
could refer to the campaigns of 1744-48 or 1754-63."
p. 2: Edmund may have had a brother John who owned and commanded a vessel,
the "Williams" which sailed between NJ and NY ports and Halifax and
Saint John during and after the American Revolution.
p. 3: Edmund purchased 200 acres in Gagetown, NB. Deed dated 12 Jul 1769,
Saint John Registry Office, Book B1, pp. 15-16. William Spry of
Halifax, NS was the grantor and Edmund Price of Grimross (now called
Gagetown), the grantee.
p. 3: "Edmund Price of Gagetown, an early miner, sold 9 chaldrons of coal
in 1775 to Simonds, Hazen and White, the pioneer trading firm on the
St. John River."
p. 4: Edmund was among 125 people who gathered at Maugerville on 14 May
1776 and signed a resolution supporting the rebel cause. In the fall
of 1776 Edmund was part of a small rebel force which failed in its
efforts to capture Fort Cumberland, near Sackville. In May 1777 the
British offered to forgive the residents along the river and to
protect them from their enemies, and for them the revolt was over.
p. 6: Edmund's will was executed 11 Jun 1785 and recorded in probate 4 Jul
1786 (Hampton Reg. Office, Libra A1, p. 7) so he died sometime
between these dates.

27. Jane Webb

( - ) Woodbridge, Middlesex Co, NJ.
(1767-abt 1780) Grimross (Gagetown), Queens Co, NB.
(abt 1780- ) West bank of the St. John River between Evandale and Oak Point
on a backwash of the river called "The Mistake", Kings Co, NB.
( -1788- ) Below Hampstead, Queens Co, NB.
(1793-1815- ) New Canaan, Queens Co, NB.

MARRIAGE-LAND: M Frederick Amos, Gerald Keith & Myrtle K Perry, THE DESCENDANTS OF EDMUND AND JANE (WEBB) PRICE; 1744-1976; publ 1976; pp 1, 8-10; copy in poss of Rick Crume.

28. Nathaniel Gallop

( - ) Gallup Island, off coast of MA
(1769- ) Onslow Twp, Nova Scotia
(1776- ) Saint John, NB
( - ) Burton, (Douglas Parish?), (on east side of St. John River), York,

Gallup, Darwin C. and Josephine Middleton Peck. Gallup Genealogy. 1966.
Consulted at the Library of Congress. Call No. CS71 G175 1966.
Ref: G 133. Information on Nathaniel GALLOP and his children, pp. 28-29.

PARENTS-SPOUSE-CHILDREN-LAND-CHURCH: The Gallup Family Assoc, GALLUP GENEALOGY; 1590-1987; 2nd ed, revised & expanded, Provo, UT, Brigham Young Univ Family History and Genealogy Research Services, 1987; pp 20-21; book in poss of Rick Crume; NOTE: "Nathaniel Gallop, son of Nathaniel and Dorcas (Collins) Gallop m. (1) Hannah (recorded Onslow, N.S.); m. (2) Deborah, who signed deed, selling original land grant at Burton, N.B. He was a loyalist and was granted land in the township of Onslow, N.S. in 1769. From Sunbury County Documents, St. John River, Jun 30 1783, a survey of people living on the St. John River: 'Nathaniel Gallop from Coveget, has a wife and 7 children, been on about 3 years, claims by possession and purchase of improvements.'
"He leased, on Oct 6 1783, 100 acres, 'being on the original lot #4 in Burton, on banks of River St. John, with all harbors with sufficient quantity of grounds for a commercial landing.'
"In 1787, petitioned for land in York County and was granted lot #24, 80 acres east side of St. John River, at Burton.
"Pledged one pound annually at a meeting of the 'Subscribers for the Support of the Preached Gospel' held at the meetinghouse in Sheffield the 18th day of Dec 1788."

Bell Genealogical Collection, Provincial Archives, Fredericton, NB. Ref: G 135.
Short GALLUP family history written in 1933.

Nathaniel GALLOP and Nathaniel GALLOP, Jr. obtained land grants in York County,
NB in 1789. Ref: P 039.

RESIDENCES-CHILDREN: Gallupe-Farley answer to a query, BOSTON EVENING TRANSCRIPT; 1780-1905; dtd 3 Jan 1935; #346; MN Hist Soc, St Paul (Rick Crume's file #G 502, G 510); NOTE: (Nathaniel?) Gallupe had eight daughters & three sons. The daughters married Edward Burpee, Thomas Burpee, Solomon Farley of Boston, Isaac Miller of Southampton (York Co, NB), Mr. Jeweth of Mak-Mageak (Macinquae), Mr. Allen, Mr. Harris and Mr. Hanes, the last three all of Keswick (York Co, NB). The sons were Benjamin who settled on the opposite side of the river near Burpee's Bar, Benjamine opposite Hartland and Samuel at Wicklow. Apparently either the name Benjamin or Benjamine should have been recorded as Nathaniel.

29. Hannah Savel

NAME: surname, PARENT, not proven

31. Mary

Maiden name Smith or Sherman?